May 17, 2022

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Ten most empowering personalities who believe in leaving their footprints

Nothing is impossible if you have the zeal and determination to do something in life and as rightly said, success comes to those who crave it. With sheer hard work and confidence, these ten empowering personalities walked the extra mile and crossed the barriers to leave a mark in their respective industries. Grisu Media Arts presents you the list of ten most empowering individuals who believed in actions than luck:

1. Jaya Kishori: Spiritual orator & motivational speaker

She is a well known spiritual orator and motivational speaker working from a tender age filled with an incredible zest for improving the lives of people struggling to attain inner spiritual peace.

Her uniqueness and reason for being respected and admired by everyone is her earnest effort in making her spiritual speeches and complex topics explanations lucid so that it is understandable to all age groups, be it 8 or 80. She has earned a few noteworthy achievements and the appreciation of people worldwide for her commendable efforts in spreading positivity using discourses and seminars.

She is a proud recipient of the “Adarsh Yuwa Adhyatmik Guru Puruskar ” in the 6th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad Award Ceremony. She has also been awarded the “Samaj Ratan Award” by Narayan Sewa Sansthan, Udaipur, “Sanskar Artist of the Year 2013-2014” by Sanskar Channel, Mumbai, “Youth Spiritual Icon” by Fame India Magazine. “Women Era award” for being one of the most inspiring women worldwide and recently, the “Gold Iconic Award ” for the best motivational speaker of the year.

2. Rashmi Chadha: Changemaker

She founded Wovoyage, an Indian company specialising in women-centric travel, and she has travelled solo and with her tour groups all over the world. Her goal is to change the Indian startup scene. She believes that while deaf people cannot hear, they can observe very well, and she has started many disability-related programmes in India. Rashmi is a social media whiz, with over a million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She works as a consultant for prominent travel firms and startups, focusing on women entrepreneurs. She is a Google Internet Saathi mentor, a Facebook agency partner, and a speaker at Harvard University, OTM, ITB India, and Digital Travel APAC. She’s been featured in Vogue, Femina India, Yourstory, Incredible India, Travel & Leisure, NDTV, Hindustan Times, Uber, and Tripadvisor.

3. Simmi Bhasin: Entrepreneur

Simmi Bhasin is the Founder of WOMEN WHO WIN (WWW), a global community for women-led startups and homepreneurs. The community aims to connect, nurture, empower women entrepreneurs and amplify their businesses with the power of sisterhood. Under the leadership of Simmi Bhasin, WWW is a social enterprise on a mission to digitally empower women-owned small businesses by enabling them to network and grow. She has launched & facilitated more than 100 women’s start-up businesses.

Simmi is an ISB Goldman Sachs 10,000 women entrepreneurs alumni and a mentor with Cherie Blair Foundation, supporting women entrepreneurs globally. Simmi has been accoladed by various Women Achiever Awards every year since the inception of Women Who Win. Women of Future 2018 & Kaushal Bharat Skill India are a few to name.

She has created WWW Chapters in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and Singapore. She has also created a unique E-Commerce Platform ( ) for women to sell their products/services & share knowledge. This is done by several online/offline activities ranging from networking meets, celebrity interviews, wellness campaigns, LIVE cooking sessions, competitions/talent hunts, mentorship programs, Pop-up Bazaars, knowledge sharing sessions, Talk Shows and many more.

Simmi says,“Women can amplify each other’s success, empower each other and grow together by forming a strong bond of sisterhood.”

4. Siddharth Suri – Digital Entrepreneur

Siddharth Suri is an entrepreneur who is intrigued by innovative ideas and strives to convert them into thriving businesses with his understanding of consumers, technology, and digital marketing. He has built his career with hard work, a passion for innovation, and a never-ending zeal for learning. Out of his multiple successful ventures, INSYDS is his current endeavour. INSYDS is an innovation-driven design and marketing agency that builds websites, drives traffic, increases engagement, and develops startups into leading brands. Siddharth embarked on his journey at a very young age with the mantra of always being consistent and never giving up! He is a philanthropist at heart. He takes it as a responsibility to help others, as he has been raised to be grateful in life and empower the underprivileged.

5. Jasdeep Singh: Digital creator & influencer

Jasdeep Singh, the Founder of Pixilar Studios, is not just synonymous with handwork and dedication but has also proved to be a trailblazer in the video editing and animation world. Born and raised in Ludhiana, his father always wanted him to join the family business, but he had other plans for his future. He worked very hard for his dream, and his mother always remained his constant support throughout his hardest battles all these years. He proved himself by working hard consistently for ten years. He became one of the youngest video editors who edited 1,200+ music videos, short films, and movies in just two years. After witnessing such a stellar record, Jasdeep, his father, was proud of his achievements andstarted supporting him entirely since then. Inspired by his dedication, his brother, Gurjot Singh, joined him in 2012. They handled the video campaigning of one of the leading political parties of Punjab. Pixilar Studios established itself as one of the biggest names as a Digital Strategist that has the expertise of handling top political leaders and parties of Punjab. Besides politics, he has also worked on several songs, out of which 100s of them have already crossed 200, 300, and 500 million views on YouTube. He ­­has successfully secured its place as one of the top Digital Strategists in India.

6. Adeeba: Beauty blogger

Adeeba is a fashionista who believes in looking good and feeling good about herself. She empowers women through her fashion and beauty tips. Adeeba believes in being presentable and urges people to look beautiful internally and externally. Her home remedies on skin, hair and weight loss have helped millions achieve their beauty goals. With a spark in her eyes and a smile on her lips, Adeeba is on a mission to enhance beauty in every form. Adeeba has been working as a beauty blogger and a social influencer for the last six years. She expresses her immense gratitude to her husband & family for their support.

7. Ashok Kothari: Social activist

Ashok Kothari is the Founder of Ratanatray Foundation Delhi (Free Food Van) for the underprivileged. He is a philanthropist who believes in serving society and uplifting the needy. Free Food Van has been serving free yet wholesome meals to 2300 needy patients and their relatives daily for the past four years outside all major hospitals in Delhi, such as AIIMS Hospital, RML Hospital, and Dr. Ambedkar Hospital. Having served almost 30 lakh people in Delhi NCR during the pandemic, Ashok Kothari has proved that humanity is the most significant religion. Having donated blood more than 80 times, he urges people to come forward and save lives. He is also a member of the advisory council of the minority commission Delhi. He is a visionary who has inspired several people through his selfless actions.

8. Charu Singh: Author

Debut author Charu Singh has become very popular among bibliophiles soon after her breakthrough novel, The Different Bride. The narrative travels through time in the author’s ink dressed in her memoir. The book’s plot and characters are unique and unprecedented in the literary world. The story has a strong connotation, a simple life silhouette, a colourful pathway and a joyous culmination, and above all this, it’s a book readers would love to come back to when life hits them hard.

9. Preethi Amaresh: Author & scholar

A Bangalorean by heart and a Telugite by blood, Preethi is a charismatic and multi-talented personality who is a Swiss-educated doctoral scholar, a former model, a non-fiction author of three books and a private pilot in the making. She is proud of her family roots and believes in thinking outside the box. Preethi is a go-getter who wants to make it big in politics and International Relations by contributing to the good of society. Being invited by some of the world’s top universities as a scholar and as an emerging young political scientist, Preethi is here to make India proud.

10. Akanksha Aggarwal: Shuffle dancer

Akanksha Aggarwal, a jewelry designer by profession and a fitness enthusiast by passion, turned out as a Shuffle Dancer at forty. She started shuffling in April last year during the lockdown and got interested in learning a few steps of shuffling. Then she got so addicted to them as they were very challenging and strenuous; along with that, they gave her a sense of accomplishment when learning a step. She says, “She has always been a good dancer, but this is another level altogether. Dance to me means an expression of who I am! It means happiness”.

She realised that it was a complete body workout, making her happy with every passing day. She shared her journey with her friends, inspiring them to urge them to learn this. She suggests that newcomers should start slowly and learn the steps right. Practice on slow beat songs. Once you are comfortable with the steps, increase the speed gradually. The shuffle dance is very strenuous on the legs, so if there are any body issues, please don’t attempt it as it might cause injury. You need to be physically fit to shuffle.

Shuffle dancing is a dance of the fast movement of the legs. It originated in Melbourne, so it’s also called the Melbourne Shuffle. It’s a very challenging form of dance, and apart from keeping fit and toning the body, it makes the dancer happy. It improves the coordination between mind and body & balances the same. She has bagged Women on Top Award 2021.