IKEA unveils homeware collection with Dutch design studio Raw Color |


Home decor and furniture brand IKEA has announced its latest homeware collection today with Dutch design studio Raw Color. The new range, named TESAMMANS, comprises 19 new color-centric pieces through which it aims to champion the mood-boosting effects of color. 

Spanning furniture items, soft furnishings, and tableware, the colorful IKEA collection has been carefully crafted using Raw Color’s specialist expertise on how color is perceived. From each color’s emotional benefits to how each piece responds to different lighting environments, the TESAMMANS range is all about embracing the transformative effect of color to spark joy across home decor. 

This theme captures the very essence of the dopamine decor trend that has seen interior designers and homeowners alike embrace a more experimental approach to decor. In short, this popular trend is all about decorating your home with the colors that bring you the most joy; not being afraid to show personality through color. 

colorful dining room with pink walls, patterned tablecloth and orange pendants

(Image credit: IKEA x Raw Color)

Channeling a range of vibrant hues, from vivid blues and tomato reds to slightly softer pastel tones, the colors that run throughout the TESAMMANS collection have been designed to work in harmony with one another for a playful and instantly uplifting interior. Statement patterns also feature in the collection, pairing graphical lines with block colors to achieve an experimental look.

‘We have taken an experimental approach to exploring how colors can transform everyday objects, trying different combinations of shades and materials, playing with shapes that catch light in certain ways and by mixing bright, saturated tones with more muted ones,’ explains Daniera ter Brach, co-founder of Raw Color.

entryway with bench with colorful cushions

(Image credit: IKEA x Raw Color)

From knitted throws to pillow covers, the TESAMMANS collection can be styled throughout the home. Add these statement soft furnishings to bring a splash of color to a neutral bedroom or create a statement look on the living room sofa.


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