How many colors should be in a minimalist color palette? Designers say this is the ideal amount


Minimalist color schemes, sound fairly simple to get right. There’s not a rainbow of colors to choose from a first glance, which makes things slightly easier when it comes to picking out shades, however, the risk with minimalist color schemes can be that they lack depth and interest. So as well as the actual colors you choose, the amount of colors you choose matters too because it’s this layering of shades that’s going to give the space that much-needed depth. 

But how many shades should you choose for a minimalist scheme? How many is too many so you lose that simplistic vibe? How many is too little so the scheme feels a bit two-dimensional? We spoke with minimalist interior designers and color experts to get their advice. 

How many colors should be in a minimalist color scheme?

Modern and neutral Chelsea townhouse

(Image credit: James Merrell)

We always recommend playing relatively fast and loose with any interior design ‘rules’ but when it comes to the amount of colors to use in a minimalist design scheme, it’s best to stick with the tried and tested. 


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