May 16, 2022

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Commuting is back, but these regional Victorians would prefer to stay at home

Despite work-from-home recommendations easing in Victoria, many regional workers with jobs in Melbourne are opting to stay put at home.

During the past two years of work from home, some regional workers have opted for jobs in Melbourne to develop professionally without compromising their country lifestyle.

Warragul resident Stacey Rosentreter had been trying to work from home since before the pandemic, after she had children.

“There’s just not many regional jobs that I want to do here, so I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I get a CBD job and keep working from home?'” Ms Rosentreter said.

During the pandemic, she was able to take on a public service role that would usually be based in Melbourne.

“The type of job [I have now is] more suitable to my skill set and pushing myself professionally,” she said.

Reaping benefits of regional living

Being able to do the drop-off, after-school activities and a load of washing during the day have benefited Ms Rosentreter’s lifestyle.