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Bathroom Trends 2024: 5 key inspirational design elements

Planning on refreshing your bathroom scheme any time soon? These key bathroom trends of 2024 are the most prominent elements to inform and inspire design choices to ensure you create a stylish space to enjoy for years to come.

Any degree of renovation or remodelling in a bathroom is an investment, similar to when contemplating the latest kitchen trends in 2024, it’s therefore, wise to stay informed of the latest innovations in materials, layout designs and trending colour palettes to ensure your project results in a timeless space you love.

Ultimately, like any of the popular interior design trends, your dream bathroom scheme is a matter of personal taste but what these on-trend design elements show is that there are key focuses to consider incorporating into any bathing space this year.

Sometimes the term trends can feel overwhelming, particularly when choosing investment pieces for a bathroom because it signifies a fleeting ‘of-the-moment’ style but thankfully we’ve cut through the noise and selected only the most prominent bathroom trends transcending the timely nature of seasonal decor.

1. Textured surfaces

Compilation image showing three bathrooms with textured tiles in white, pinka nd grey to highlight a key bathroom trend 2024

(Image credit: Tile of Spain)

Texture within interior design has never been more prominent. I feel it comes from a place of wanting maximum comfort from our surroundings and there’s something hugely relatable about engaging the sense of touch to create a calm, reassuring environment – particularly in bathrooms.

Therefore textured tiles are the biggest tile trend across the board. Texture also adds interest to a scheme without the need to introduce pattern or colour – ideal for those wishing to get the look minimal and classic.

“Using textured tiles within the bathroom can transform a plain bathroom into a visually appealing space,” says Maria D Arráez, director of Tile of Spain UK. 

“Try experimenting with the size and shape of your tiles, as well as mixing and matching the styles to create contrast and depth. For example, you could use textured tiles for the shower walls or backsplash and smoother tiles for the rest of the walls or floor.”

“Unique and beautifully crafted, embossed tiles boast raised detailing, intricate designs and eye-catching patterns that create a stunning tactile experience in homes.” 

“From geometric shapes to waves and floral motifs, embossed tiles allow homeowners and designers alike to interplay with light and shadow, whilst acting as their own piece of wall artwork – creating wonderful contrast in a space.”

2. ‘Quiet luxury’ design focus

The desire for ‘quiet luxury’ design is not going away anytime soon, and it’s particularly prevalent for creating a timeless bathroom scheme. The trend focuses on investment for the long term, with consideration for materials, fixtures and fittings.

“Unlike many trends we see, this one is arguably not even a trend at all – it’s less about a specific look and more about creating an atmosphere that is timeless and evokes a feeling of understated elegance,” says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. It’s for this very reason that a quiet luxury aesthetic adds value to your home.

BC Designs to illustrate the ‘quiet luxury’ trend. (Left to right) Cian® bath; Esseta Bath in Light Fawn; Boat Bath in Antique Copper

(Image credit: BC Designs)

“Quiet luxury is a style that emphasises high-quality pieces that have a timeless appeal. It’s about creating a space that feels comfortable while being sophisticated and aspirational but also achievable.”

How does that translate when considering bathroom design? “It could be an organically shaped bath or one made from a naturally derived material, accessories with simple silhouettes and an understated colour palette.”

3. Frameless shower enclosures

(Image credit: BC Designs)

I rarely see anything but frameless shower enclosures nowadays, and for good reason. This minimalist approach to shower screens is ideal for making any bathroom feel open, which is highly desirable as most bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side (in comparison to other rooms in the house). 

“A frameless shower screen is pretty explanatory, it is a clear screen without a frame,” says Barrie. “While framed shower screens, such as those that take inspiration from Crittall, have long been popular, the thought of an almost invisible screen is now taking over. 

“The reason behind the switch is to make a bathroom feel airy, which can be especially important in smaller spaces. Opting for a frameless shower screen also means you have even more opportunity to reflect your personality in your tile design and bathroom fittings.”

The key to keeping this look faultless is to master how to clean glass shower doors to maintain a gleaming sheet of reflective beauty – rather than a screen of soap suds and smears.

4. Spa design elements

‘Spa-rooms’ are the must-have aesthetic for modern bathrooms to create a restful space that encourages you to take time for yourself to relax, as opposed to merely a space to shower as part of your rushed everyday routine. The aim is to create a decor that feels functional but indulgent at the same time. 

As a result, homeowners will be looking for spa-like features such as walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, body sprays, steam functions, and bench seating to transform showers into home spas. Freestanding tubs are the main attraction offering bathrooms to promote a luxury space for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

A really easy way to instantly get more of a spa-like atmosphere is to tap into the core lighting trends of 2024 where ambience is key to changing the emotional pull of each space. For a spa bathroom opt for warm temperatures at low levels to allow the eyes to soften in focus – the mind will soon follow, allowing a deeper state of relaxation.

Cullifords designs: (left to right) Mother of Pearl Bathroom – semi precious; Marron Coheiba Granite Vanity Unit; Sapienstone Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Arched Shower

(Image credit: Cullifords)

This is the one trend where smaller details and accessories can make all the difference. From upgrading your current towels that need replacing to the best bath towels on the market, adding decorative touches to make your bathroom look expensive and embracing the art of scent-scaping to create the look and feel of a luxury spa can all go a long way to transforming the space into a tranquil haven of relaxation.

5. Curvaceous lines

Sanctuary Bathrooms designs to illustrate how to embrace curves: (left to right) Merlyn Single Curved Panel Bath Screen; Eastbrook Beaufort Biscay Double Ended Curved Bath; Burlington Riviera D Shape Basin  Full pedestal

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

Bathroom designs are softening, with the trend for rounded elements taking centre stage. Angular basins, baths and even mirrors are being overlooked in favour of rounded edges and curved lines that help to lessen the impact on the space so it feels less imposing and clinical.

The use of curves might not feel overly dramatic in terms of a style statement but it really can go a long way to make any small bathroom feel bigger because every inch of space feels valuable.

Unlike the bathroom trends of 2023, I feel there’s less focus on the best interior paint colours for bathroom trends this year and more prominence placed on the materials and the way these are used – irrespective of their colour. 

Of course, the best white paint colours and classic white sanitaryware will always prove hugely popular for bathrooms because it’s a space of functional importance but that’s not to say homeowners shouldn’t explore more daring colours – some of the best bathroom colour ideas are bright and bursting with personality. What our bathroom trends insight aims to do is give an overarching outline of the topline trends of 2024 that can be used in any space in any shade to suit personal preference. 


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