5 ways to add all-important texture to a minimalist room


There’s a fine line between a cool but inviting minimalist scheme and a cold, sparse space – and that line, interior designers will tell you, is texture. In a room where decoration is limited, furniture choice understated and color palette restrained, a color palette is limited and furniture choice is understated, the materials and finishes you use carry a lot of weight.

Of course, paying attention to these details is par for the course in modern interior design of any kind – it’s just that a successful application of minimalism relies even more heavily on texture used well. ‘In essence, texture is the silent conductor orchestrating a symphony of simplicity,’ says Sabra Ballon, founder and principal designer at San Francisco-based boutique design firm ballonSTUDIO. ‘In a minimalist setting, where there’s a risk of sterility, it breathes life into the design. It’s the difference between a flat image and a rich, three-dimensional experience.’


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