5 simple ways to embrace minimalist decor, according to experts |


Minimalism is an interior design trend, in fact, it’s been too long standing to call it a trend, an interior design style, that’s been around for decades. It shifts around slightly, sometimes it’s more sleek and Scandinavian, sometimes it goes a bit retro and mid-century modern, and sometimes it’s softer and more lived in. And it’s that later take on the look that we are currently most drawn to. Minimalist interiors that still feel welcoming and homely. Because, no matter what style or home decor ideas we like, isn’t that what we want all our rooms to be?

So we spoke with designers to find out how to make the minimalist trend more approachable. How can you embrace the clutter-free style and yet still create a home that has depth and character? What colors work best? What furniture shapes should you look out for? And how can you blend minimalism with other trends and decorating ideas?

What is minimalist decor?

living room with curved white sofa, abstract art work and red marble top coffee table

(Image credit: Jake Curtis / Claudia Bryant)

Minimalism dates back to the start of the 20th century and was a total switch from the frills and fuss of the Victoria era. But the interior design trend really started to be embraced later in the century, around the same time as the mid-century modern movement. The less is more approach is what really summarizes the style. These spaces are clutter-free and fuss-free, with the focus being very much on form and function. 


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