25 Dark Bedrooms That Will Make Every Night Enchanting

an all black bedroom with a dramatic light coming in from the windowpinterest
Nick Glimenakis

Brown Wall Beauty

primary bedroom with medium chocolate painted walls and a plaid rug in neutral tones and a slatted rocking chair next to the bed with complementary coverlet in brown on the bed
Rich Stapleton

It’s no secret that brown has been trending in a big way this year. “We’re definitely seeing more and more brown in our lives—the Billy Baldwin variety of brown—and it’s a real throwback,” Dallas-based interior designer Jean Liu told ELLE DECOR. Witness perhaps the loveliest rendition of this hue in the bedroom of Future Perfect’s David Alhadeff’s old Hollywood estate, a custom mocha color that pairs well with a plaid Stark rug and caramel-colored bedding. It’s an earth-tone haven.


Cork Wall Warmth

a bedroom has cork wallcovering and a cork headboard and nightstand, a sconce with an accordion arm and pleated shade, brown bedcover and curtain, a light shag rug, and a painting over bed
Chris Mottalini

Phillipe Romano natural cork walls in this Miami Beach high-rise provide a soft place to land, thanks to Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero. A custom wood nightstand and bed frame by Setzler and brown suedelike bedding by John Derian make for a tranquil monochromatic scheme.


Rust Velvet Revelry

homework san francisco edwardian
Nicole Franzen

The primary bedroom of this 1915 San Francisco Edwardian feels like a soft cave, with walls and an area rug in inky blue tones, accompanied by floor-length, black-out curtains. The custom bed is then backed by a floor-to-ceiling, channel-tufted headboard covered in a decadent brown mohair by Pierre Frey. “It’s darker than most of the house,” architect Ben Work explains. “[It allows you] to sort of remove yourself from the energy of the rest of the house.”

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Teal Hue Hideaway

cozy bedrooms
Sharyn Cairns

In the primary bedroom of this 19th-century Australian house, Powell & Glenn’s Ed Glenn oriented the decor toward nature, hoping to play into something more primordial. “There’s this term in architecture called prospect-refuge,” Glenn explains. “It goes back to survival among cave dwellers who felt safest with their back to the wall with an outward view of dangerous animals. In design, these setups offer the ultimate sense of security.” The dark teals and muted gray bedding in this stylish sanctuary lend a sophisticated flair to the space.


Botanical Wallpaper Wonders

cottage house tour hamptons
William Jess Laird

When designer Melissa Lee was entrusted to transform a Long Island summer home, her brief was indubitably straightforward. “We want a place where we can nap anywhere,” the husband told Lee. Lee knew just what to do. Here, the primary suite is awash in desaturated hues in the form of many patterns. A patterned Sycomorus wallpaper inspired by an antique painting and a grayish-blue print by Zak+Fox are punctuated by a happy yellow daybed harboring reading material that is sure to be abandoned in lieu of some irresistible shut-eye. “This house was special to me right away because of its humble size,” Lee says. “You walk in, the ceiling is low, and there are these stunning wooden details, and it feels like it’s something special.”


Terra-Cotta Wall Wash

montana labelle toronto
Patrick Biller

For Toronto-based Montana Labelle, neutral is a loose term that, if handled with sensitive restraint, could mean terra-cotta or sage. Take, for instance, this soothing bedroom designed by Labelle, where Benjamin Moore’s Copper Kettle (certainly a bold choice) paint serves as a cozy neutral and warm hue.

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Black Wonder Wall

an all black bedroom with a dramatic light coming in from the window
Nick Glimenakis

When Delia Kenza was tapped to transform this Brooklyn bedroom, the brief was clear: no beige. The decorator took those instructions to heart. In the primary bedroom, she doubled down on the homeowners’ affinity for black, splashing everything from the walls to the furniture and accessories in the moody hue. “The bedroom gets beautiful natural light, so it can carry the dark shade,” explains Kenza. “The black-on-black theme lends a chic quality to the room without having to try too hard, and it’s cozy too.” Kenza concedes that it’s a daring choice, but it’s one that paid off, as both she and her clients all agree that it’s their favorite space in the home. “This definitely isn’t your grandma’s townhouse,” Kenza says.


Traditional Tapestry

in a bedroom is a bed with a brown linen headboard and bedcover and a fuzzy green throw, a nightstand with a lamp is beside the bed, and behind the headboard hangs an antique tapestry and a surrealist painting
Chris Mottalini

If you’re concerned that dark-colored walls will feel uninviting, a tasteful tapestry like the antique textile from Tienda X Gallery in this Hollywood Hills house can provide a counteracting cozy accent when paired with the right piece of artwork. We especially love the grassy blanket atop the bed, which is a fitting nod to the treehouselike quality of the house.


Lacquered Walls

busy living room with a large red frame canopy bed centered in photo with a golden two drawer chest at the foot and a painting over the headboard there are bookshelves and more art to the right and some mirrors and screens to the left and a very busy floral carpet with border beneath and an old leopard print footstool to the left in the foreground and a desk and chair to the right in foreground
Noe DeWitt

Calling all those who enjoy mixing and matching historical eras: The brown-lacquered walls in this sumptuous New York home are but a humble backdrop to a dreamy and rambling room filled with chintzes, animal prints, and antique rugs. The anchoring wall color makes the immense room feel welcoming and intimate, while the salon-style walls give the impression of a space evolved over decades. “It’s a marvelous place for a nap,” designer Miles Redd says with a laugh.

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A Pop of Purple

a bed with a colorful blanket
David Land

The bedroom of this Brooklyn residence is a study in aubergine hues. Revamp Interior Design’s Fennoy brazenly drenched the walls in Farrow & Ball’s richly colored Brinjal and punctuated the room with a bold floral headboard and a similarly jewel-toned throw pillow. “If we’re using dark hues in a bedroom, we’re ideally recreating the effect of the night sky, which in turn encourages an innate, restful state in that room,” she explains. “Since we generally associate a lack of light or brighter hues with nighttime, dark indoor spaces tend to have that enveloping, comforting quality that we don’t really see many other places in our day-to-day lives.” It’s the full royal treatment!


Rouge Room

in a brown painted bedroom, a bed's headboard is covered in a light brown shearling, bed covering is in a medium brown linen, a small round night table has a plant and a vase with flowers, a small artwork on wall

In this bedroom haven, which pays tribute to the slick and sensual 1970s palette, buttery brown walls are the art. The bed is covered with luscious textiles—a Dualoy shearling, Dedar fabric, and Society Limonta bedding in neutrals and inky velvets—that mix drama and comfort for this apartment’s owner (fittingly a theater director in New York). “It’s like a warm cocoon,” says designer Casey Kenyon.


Sultry Reds

red bedroom
Simon Upton

In this bedroom in designer Lorenzo Castillo’s home, a deep red palette lends a sophisticated, sensuous flair to the space. The wallpaper is by Sanderson, the headboard is upholstered in a Valentino velvet, the bench is Louis XV–style, and the 17th- and 18th-century mirrors are Spanish. Paintings by José María Yturralde finish the look.

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Chic Layers

Bedroom, Bed, Bedding, Bed sheet, Room, Furniture, Bed frame, Interior design, Property, Duvet cover,
Zeke Ruelas

For his Hollywood Hills home that pays homage to its 1960s roots, John McClain fashioned the master bedroom with rich hues and layers of texture.


Earthy Hues

Room, Interior design, Furniture, Brown, Bedroom, Wall, Ceiling, Lighting, Floor, Home,
Julie Soefer Photography

Earthy tones and textures unite in this bedroom design scheme by Ben Johnston, who is known for his classic, visually appealing spaces.


Textured Beauty

blue guest room with daybed
Nick Johnson

A mix of classic and modern aesthetics are at work in this New York guest bedroom designed by Thom Filicia. The room is outfitted with layers of texture, including a custom rug from Patterson Flynn & Martin and drapery fabric by Mila Blake.

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Sophisticated Black

black bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

Sophisticated black walls serve as the perfect backdrop in the bedroom of this Washington, D.C., apartment. White sateen bedding from Tribute Goods, muted artwork from Tennessee-based landscape artist Megan Lightell, and French white oak floors soften the design.


Floor to Ceiling

blue bedroom
Simon Upton

Black Walls

black bedroom
Simon Upton

For the master bedroom in her 1920s Chicago penthouse, Alisa Bloom embraced a dark palette, choosing walls sheathed in a black Holland & Sherry fabric. Along with unsigned artwork from Redefined Chicago, the space features a B&B Italia bed in a Holland & Sherry wool, a desk by Lucien Rollin, and a chair by Oscar de la Renta for Century. The 1940s console was purchased in Paris.

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Deep Gray

Bedroom, Bed, Furniture, Room, Bed frame, Mattress, Bed sheet, Interior design, Property, Suite,
Douglas Friedman

In Andy Cohen’s Greenwich Village apartment, gray Ralph Lauren Home wallpaper complements the shades on the vintage Pierre Giraudon green-resin nightstand lamps from John Salibello. The bed is upholstered in a Maharam plaid by Paul Smith and dressed with Pratesi linens.


Daring Gray

black bedroom
Mikkel Vang

The Manhattan loft of Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland is a lesson in decorating around dark gray walls—Farrow & Ball’s Modern Emulsion paint in Down Pipe to be exact. The bed by BDDW is dressed in linens by Ralph Lauren Home and a pillow covered in a vintage grain sack; the chairs are by Eames, and the painting is by Thilo Heinzmann.

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