21 Green Bedrooms Ideas To Fall In Love With


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Matching your shades

green bedroom ideas sage headboardpinterest

Richard Kiely/Topology Interiors

Wall panelling will always create a lovely faux headboard effect, and can be used really successfully in lieu of an actual headboard. Topology Interiors – the designers behind this fabulous bedroom – have created a clever dual effect by matching the soft sage green of the headboard to blend with the wall panelling behind.

Pictured: Interior design by Topology Interiors



green bedroom ideas modernistpinterest

John Lewis & Partners

Modernist design favours these lovely cherry red woods – you’ll find an abundance in vintage and antique stores – which sit so nicely with richer shades of green like a deep sage or forest. The whole scheme looks best if colours are more saturated than crisp, so go more towards a cream over a white, or teal over a blue.

Pictured: Koti Bed and all accessories, John Lewis


Light green and boucle

green bedroom ideas wallpaperpinterest

Photography Simon Bevan, Styling Jennifer Haslam, Direction Sarah Keady

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Feature wall

house beautiful sienna twist carpet in marrakesh at carpetrightpinterest



All over green

green bedroom ideas saturatedpinterest

Photography Simon Bevan, Styling Jennifer Haslam, Direction Sarah Keady

A total masterclass in doing green in a big way. This bedroom is interesting in that it doesn’t vary its shades – all sit within a pale sage and have a soft washed effect. The shock of blue is an important counter here and a bright pink would work in much the same way. The tiled headboard is a great feature too.

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Pink and green

green bedroom ideas green and pinkpinterest

Sam Riles Photography

Pink and green are a really safe colour combination, just be sure to choose similar tones like a sage and blush pink. The bed linen is from Bed Threads who make them with 100 per cent flax which gives this lovely soft and lived-in effect.

Pictured: Bed Linen at Bed Threads

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DIY headboard

green bedroom ideas headboardpinterest

Photography Rachel Whiting, Styling Hannah Deacon, Production Sarah Keady

This fabulous bedroom is a great lesson in resourcefulness. A DIY headboard has been fashioned from simple plywood, forming a shelf for bud vases and a celebration of colourful flowers. Some subtle geometric patterns on the bedding and strict shape of the Gubi floor lamp offset a little of the organic display above – a clever trick that will always make a room look slightly more contemporary.

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green bedroom ideas countrypinterest

John Lewis & Partners

This green bedroom provides a comprehensive country bedroom checklist: the quaint ticking to the headboard, the pretty display of plates – a totally innovative decorative tool for a bedroom – and the sink-in layers on the bed. Replicating the same in your own home won’t steer you far wrong.

Pictured: Silhouette Ticking Headboard and accessories, all at John Lewis


A moderate touch

green bedroom ideas habitatpinterest


There’s a few clever design ideas in this green bedroom, ready to steal – the metal four poster bed is a great old-meets-new element, the limewash on the walls has a softening effect (and so refreshing to see it used on grey rather than pink,) and the slick of navy on the window creates a really bold frame. All simple to recreate.

Pictured: Damon 4 Poster Metal Bed Frame, and all accessories at Habitat

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Jewel tones

green bedroom ideaspinterest

John Lewis



bedroom plum guide victorian villapinterest

Plum Guide



green bedroom ideaspinterest

Piglet in Bed

You might not instinctively pair your greens with browns for fear of creating something akin to a pile of compost, but nature-inspired shades are great if you’re looking for a calming bedroom sanctuary. The darker the wood the better in this instance – a blonde wood laminate would detract from the organic nature of this bedroom, so too would more modern materials or anything too metallic – brushed brass would be a brilliant accent here.

Pictured: Sage Green Bedtime Bundle at Piglet in Bed

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Gallery wall

green bedroom ideaspinterest

Dear Sam

A gallery wall that frames your bed is a great option if your existing bed frame is especially plain. Gallery walls work most effectively when they’re fairly full with an eclectic mix of styles, but you can offset some of the busyness by choosing calming green and neutral tones.

Pictured: Gallery wall selection at Dear Sam


Small bedrooms

small bedroom ideaspinterest

Piglet in Bed

There is a design argument for dark colours in smaller rooms, as long as it is well executed. A deep forest green like this will absorb light and blur the boundaries of a space, so you’re less likely to notice imposing walls and poky proportions.

Pictured: Bed Linen at Piglet in Bed



green bedroom ideas cabincorepinterest

Amelia Stanwix Photography

Cabins are designed to help you get away from it all – an apt reference when decorating a bedroom. We love the wood panelled wall – if it’s too much for your bedroom, a wood feature wall makes a great compromise.

Pictured: Bed Linen at Bed Threads

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Pastel accents

dopamine dressingpinterest

House Beautiful

If you like to mix a lot of different colours in your bedroom, go for pastels. They all have matching white undertones, so a myriad of chalky pastel shades will always sit happily together. This is a great way to add colour without detracting from the airy and bright feel of a bedroom.

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green bedroom ideaspinterest


Without warming elements, industrial design can occasionally become a bit too cold and sterile. The introduction of a vivid emerald green feature wall and rich burgundy accents offset this. We especially love this double height leaded glass partition used as a zoning device.

Pictured: Ercol Rimini Bed and Side Table at Furniture Village


Green and monochrome

green bedroom ideaspinterest

Dominic Blackmore | Habitat

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Tiny bedroom solutions

green bedroom ideaspinterest

Farrow & Ball

To create the feeling of more space in a small bedroom, stick to one single colour – using contrasting shades can break up an already compact space. Don’t shy away from darker colours either in a small bedroom, as this can lend an element of cosiness.

Pictured: Walls painted in Olive at Farrow & Ball


Colour blocking

green bedroom ideaspinterest


Colour blocking is a playful way to break up larger bedrooms, and can be used to draw attention to interesting features or generous proportions. These fabulous blush pink curtains at Hillarys are especially effective at drawing the eye upwards, highlighting the height of the ceiling.

Pictured: Bailey Taffy Curtains at Hillarys


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